Education and Training

This page provides links to stroke training sites within the internet and to stroke relevant courses and conferences. If you would like us to include your course/ conference/training programme please click here for the contacts page.

Declan O Kane's free online Stroke Textbook  A reliable first resource for anyone interested in stroke. It contains information on anatomy, neuroscience, assessment, diagnosis, investigations, management (including thrombolysis, thrombectomy, surgery), guidelines. reserch. and training.
e-learning for stroke and neurology (free for BASP members)

Web based clinical skills training
STARS basic stroke training

STARS advanced stroke training 1. Hyperacute sroke treatments including thrombolysis ans thrombectomy 2. Cognition and perception 3.  Physiological monitoring 4. Physical rehabilitation 5. Feeding, hydration and nutrition 6. Emotional impact of stroke 7. Continence management 8. Reducing the risk of stroke 9.  Management of physical complications 10.  Resuming daily activities
STARS basic thrombolysis training
STARS thrombolysis masterclass

Stoke Thrombolysis Training Video 1 2 3 Vs for PowerPoint 97-03

A short Guide to CT After Stroke
Edinburgh CTA online training course (free)
Advanced diagnostic imaging after stroke: I. Natarajan & S. Nayak
CT and MRI interpretation: Infarcts / SVT / territories / dementia / Fazekas
BASP CT training and certification programme for CT interpretation
ASPECTS score for grading severity of early infarct signs
Apspects training programme
Brain herniation Clinical and CT signs
NIHSS online training and certification
Rankin (mRS) free online training and certification

Checking NGT position on CXR  online training UHNS guidance
TIA clinic -all you need to know

How to help patients Stop Smoking

Smoking Cessation

Nicotine Replacement Therapy Flow Chart

Wednesday Stroke Teaching in Stoke

12:30 seminar room ward 232 Royal Stoke University Hospital. If you would like to be included in our mailing list please contact Dr J. Chembala.

International Stroke Conference (Feb) abstract deadline Aug
European Stroke Organisation Conference (May) abstract deadline Jan
ESMINT Congress (Sep)
World Stroke Congress (Oct, biannual)
Karolinska Stroke Update Conference (Nov, biannual)
UK Stroke Forum Conference (Nov)  abstract deadline Jun

Postgraduate Courses
Keele Stroke Masters Degree (MMedSci Stroke): This course is aimed at everyone involved in stroke service delivery and design, or in stroke research who want to acquire the tools to make a real difference. Students can choose from a range of modules including acute stroke and interventional treatments, community stroke: prevention and life after stroke, stroke service development and many more.  It is possible to attend single modules only or to opt for a PG Diploma or PG Certificate. For further information please download the flyer or contact C. Roffe. Please follow link for application forms. 

Stoke Stroke School

A 4 day multidisiplniary stroke course aimed to equip members of the stroke team with stroke specific skills. Please contact Christine .Roffe  for details. Next course May 2019.

Keele Physiotherapy (Neurology)
Keele Neurological Rehabilitation
Keele Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare
Keele Assistive Technology in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation  

Other Training
Life after Stroke training for professionals and for care givers in the community by The Stroke Association
Exercise after stroke instructor course. The University of Edinburgh have developed, with Skills Active, UK standards for the delivery of exercise for people after stroke.