Information Leaflets for Patients and Carers

Important websites with general information about stroke

My Stroke Guide: all you need to know about strokes at your fingertips.

The Stroke Association: the ‘go to’ site for all stroke queries in the UK.

The Scottish Chest, Heart, and Stroke Association

Information leaflets in alphabetical order
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Aids and equipment for independent living

Alcohol and stroke

Atrial fibrillation (AF) and stroke

Atrial fibrillation: What you need to know

Balance problems after stroke

Behavioural changes after stroke

Benefits and financial assistance

Bereavement and stroke

Bleeding in the brain: haemorrhagic stroke

Caring for someone with a stroke: carer’s guide

Carotid artery disease

Childhood stroke guide

Childhood stroke: information for children

Childhood stroke: Toolkit for teachers and childcare professionals

Cognitive problems after stroke

Communication problems after stroke

Communication problems: how to help

Continence problems after stroke

Vascular Dementia

Depression and other emotional changes

Diabetes and stroke

Driving after stroke

Drop foot

Emotional changes after stroke

Epilepsy after stroke

Exercise and stroke

FAST information pack


Guidelines: National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (Patient version)

Guidelines: National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (Patient audio version)


Healthy eating  Tasty and healthy recipes

High blood pressure and stroke

Ischaemic stroke guide

Leisure activities after stroke (Art | Exercise | Hobbies | Leisure | Reading | Sport )

Life after Stroke campaign summary

Locked in syndrome

Memory and thinking problems

Migraine and stroke

Occupational therapy


Physical effects of stroke


Private treatment

Problems with memory and thinking

Reducing your risk of a stroke (AF | Blood pressure | Diabetes | Diet | Exercise | Smoking)

Sex after stroke


Smoking and the risk of stroke

Stroke News magazine

Stroke statistics

Supporting a stroke survivor

Swallowing problems

Swallowing problems after stroke


Transient ischaemic attack (TIA)

Travel: Holidays and stroke (DVT | Driving | Flying | Holiday | Insurance)


Work: getting back to work