Life after Stroke

Getting back to usual pastimes, work, hobbies, and travel can be difficult after stroke. Making the effort to go out will, however, help recovery and quality of life. It may be necessary to adapt activities to fit in with the individual’s disabilities.

I hope this site will help you to get the information you need to give it a try. If you have had a stroke and are now back to sport, leisure, and work, please let us know what helped you get back.

Support Organizations

The Stroke Association  Key information and advice on life after stroke.

Different Strokes  National organization providing information for younger stroke survivors

Stroke Clubs and Support Services in your area  List of services compiled by the Stroke Association

Stroke Association Family Support Local advice for Newcastle and Moorlands residents


Reading  Free online vision training program for patients with hemianopia

Eyesight Free online vision training program for improving stroke-related problems with eyesight

Stroke rehabilitation exercises  Advice on what stroke survivors and carers can do

Arm function and positioning: Videos on how to look after your paralysed arm after stroke, exercises to reduce spasticity, and advice on positioning a stroke patients in bed or in a chair.

GRASP exercises  Arm and hand exercises patients can do at home and in hospital

Viatherapy guide for upper limb exercises after stroke  Aimed at therapists

ARNI Do it yourself Stroke Rehabilitation  Manual and contact details for instructors

ARNI excercises to improve the funciton o f your arm and hand at home

Physio2U Private physiotherapy

Speech (STEPS) computer assisted self-help speech relearning programme

Speech recovery after stroke (OLIENA) exercises video and  book

Aids and appliances

Depression  online self help resource

Advice for recovery from a stroke survivor Fighting Strokes Kate Allatt

Medic Alert  provides vital details on your medical condition in an emergency 

Work and Leisure

Equipment Advice on equipment for independent living from the Stroke Association.

Getting back to Work


Sex Information Leflets by the Stroke Association

Voice of a stroke Survivor: Sex after stroke: Lifting the Taboo

Getting involved in Research

Brin Helliwell, a ‘strokie’ and user representative talks about his experience of getting involved in research as a patient and public representative. See Part 1 and Part 2 of the speech.

David Burgess has become involved in stroek service development and stroke research because of his expereince of looking after his father in law , who had a stroke.

Stroke survivors in the media: websites, films and books

Kate Allatt – recovery after locked in syndrome: books, advice and videos

Lotje Sodderland: my beautiful broken brain -experience of brain haemorrhage

Jill Bolte-Taylor:  A stroke of insight -a personal view of brain haemorrhage

Peter Blair 10 tips for stroke recovery