Patients and Carers

The Stroke Association provides useful information for families and carers of stroke patients. Please click here for more detail.

What you may be able to do to help your relative or friend recover

Keep informed, speak to nurses, therapists and doctors.

Bring in clothes or items which will make your relative more comfortable.

Update him/her on what is going on outside and within the family, even if he/she does not appear to understand.

Find out about research going on in the unit, and check if there is a study your relative might be interested in.

Check with staff whether they would like you to help with with feeding. Some patients eat better when a family member is around.

Check with the therapists if you can help with some of the treatments.

In bedbound patients passive mobilization may help (click here for detail)

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming involved in developing stroke services, supporting stroke patients on the wards, teaching medical students, or in developing and managing stroke research. Your experience could help us to make a difference for current and future patients. Please follow this link for more detail.

Find information about Life After Stroke here.