There is no reason not to travel after the stroke. A holiday may help both the stroke patients and the carers feel better. Here are some contact numbers to help with travel arrangements and mobility problems. There is no need to consult your doctor beforehand if you feel well, but you may be more reassured and get some valuable advice if you do so. Patients on warfarin may have to arrange for INR checks in their holiday resort.

Air travel can be considered 1 month after the stroke. Before that time insurances do not usually cover and airlines are unlikely to accept the passenger, even if all or most of the symptoms of the stroke have resolved. After 1 month even stroke sufferers with persistent severe disabilities can fly as long as they can sit long enough in a chair and have no severe heart or lung problems. Wheelchairs and assistance with transport for disabled passengers are available at all airports, but will require prior booking.

Flying with disability

Information relating to fitness to travel by air